3-Pack: Triton 16-ft Retractable Dog Leash & Collapsible Water Bowl Set

  • You get 3 leashes and 3 water bowls for the price of one on Amazon
  • Each leash has a rubberized handle, a super-strong ribbon, and a one-touch locking system
  • The water bowls are great in case your furry friend needs to hydrate on-the-go
  • Can it brew pod coffee: No, but you can drink pod coffee out of the bowl in a pinch
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Walk About

Ever seen that viral video? Where they dress the little dog up like it’s a huge spider and terrify people? If you haven’t, you should. It’s awesome.

Now, part of the reason it works so well is because small dogs (and medium-sized dogs for that matter) move in sporadic, almost insect-like ways. While large and extra-large dogs lumber along with purpose, your Yorkies and Bostons are going to scurry around a bit. Hence, you need a good retractable leash to allow them some freedom of movement.

And that’s what we’re selling today: a 3-pack of very good Triton retractable leashes for very good dogs. Each one has a strong nylon ribbon, a nice rubberized handle, and a one-touch locking system. Plus, they all come with collapsible water bowls (as in, you get 3 collapsible water bowls), so you don’t need to worry about your furry friends having tummy trouble after going to town on some rancid puddle while you’re out exploring.

Why, with features like those, it’s no wonder these have been endorsed by some of the biggest canine movie stars there are! We’re talking luminaries like:

  • Dane Judy Dench
  • Florence Pug
  • Brad Pitt-bull
  • Marchihuahua Ali
  • Sir Pomeran-Ian McKellon
  • Collie Shannon
  • Mastiffany Hadish
  • Dobermindy Kalling
  • Spaniel Craig
  • Borzoiey Deschanel

Yes, yes. We know. These are really stupid. Also, for the record, there are a lot of breeds here that would be way too big for these. Like, you probably don’t want to use a retractable leash with your great dane or your mastiff.

But hey, we had fun. And now you can too. Fun adventures that is, with your small to medium-sized dogs, thanks to this 3-pack of Triton retractable leashes and collapsible water bowls!

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