24-Pack: Bang Rainbow Unicorn Energy Drink

  • Usually, Bang costs a lot more than $1 per can
  • Lots of caffeine, no sugar, lots of “super creatine,” no calories
  • Tastes like… uhhh… candy?
  • Model: 84N6-54Y5-K3V1N-H4RL4N
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A Banger Of A Deal

Bang seems like one of those “if you know, you know” sort of things. It has zero calories, it has no sugar, and you either live your life one can of it at a time, or you wheel your cart past it at the grocery store, entirely oblivious to it, because something with 300mg of caffeine and a whole bunch of “super creatine” doesn’t really fit your lifestyle.

Now, after dealing with (and eventually kicking) what was basically a full-blown energy drink addiction in college, I can’t in good faith implore people in the latter group to try it. (And besides, what’s the point? This isn’t the early Red Bull days, when the concept of something that was hyper-caffeinated and not laden with sugar was an enigma. It’s 2021. Everyone has known about energy drinks for a good while and has long since made up their mind if they’re someone who consumes them or not.)

So, we’ll address the other folks: the energy drink aficionados. Again, you almost definitely know Bang, you know how it helps you get through a workout or a gaming session or a tough day, and you know that this stuff doesn’t usually sell at a price as low as a buck per can. But then you also probably know that Bang comes in roughly one billion varieties. So even if you’re already sold brand-wise, you might still be on the fence because you’re not sure what the hell “Rainbow Unicorn” tastes like.

Well, luckily, someone asked a question on Amazon about this exact thing. Not so luckily, there’s a bit of disagreement. Here are all the ways the flavor is described in that single thread:

  • a combination of watermelon and apple Jolly Ranchers
  • a hand full of skittles
  • liquid super sweet cotton candy
  • strawberry
  • tangy peach with a hint of strawberry
  • pink Starburst
  • the sun rising on Christmas morning

In conclusion, life is full of mysteries!

But seriously, consensus is it tastes like candy. So if that sounds good to you, pick up a 24-pack. You probably won’t find it this cheap anywhere else.

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