2-Piece: Sharper Image UV Zone Sanitizing Box Bundle

  • You can get two large sanitizing boxes, two smaller sanitizing boxes, or one of each
  • Your phone is disgusting
  • Your car keys are disgusting
  • All your pocket stuff is disgusting
  • Use the power of UV-C to zap it away
  • Model: UV-C-WH4T-W3-D1D-H3R3
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You Nasty

In honor of this 2-pack of Sharper Image UV Zone Sanitizing Boxes (because your stuff is gross) and “The Python Speaks” (two fun designs celebrating everyone’s favorite British comedy group, available now from Mediocritee), we present:

A Monstrosity of a Monty Python Joke

Thus concludes:

A Monstrosity of a Monty Python Joke

Think you can do better? (Or worse?) Then go ahead and post your joke in the comments.

And don’t forget: these designs are currently for sale over on Mediocritee!

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