Best Choice Products 2-Person Hammock w/Stand and Carry Bag (or Hammock Only)

  • You can get just the hammock or the hammock and the stand
  • The hammock with the stand comes with a carry bag
  • Super comfortable, super cute-looking, super hammock-y
  • 450-pound weight capacity
  • Model: DDS60157_RAINBOW, BULK_RAINBOW, DDS60157_FOREST, DDS60157_ISLAND; oddly enough Rainbow Forest Island is the name of the psychedelic kids’ show I’m currently writing the pilot for
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Ghastly Comfort IV

Dearest Mother,

Thank you for the lovely gift! It was so pleasant to receive something nice, considering the continued issues with the closet doors I wrote about in our last correspondence.

While I appreciate that you sent the stand along as well, I have decided to hang the hammock between the ancient weeping willow trees just outside the library on the first floor of the inn. They are quite majestic (though sometimes when the wind blows through them just right, it sounds like someone is whispering lullabies while crying, which is a bit of a turn off).

It is extremely comfortable! Guests have been raving about it, saying it is as though they have been encased in a soft cocoon. And it provides a much welcome pop of color around here. In fact, so much of this area is gray–the houses, the sky, the sea–that people from the village have been bringing their children to the inn just to look at the hammock so they might acclimate their eyes to vibrancy.

(There is one story I have heard of a village boy growing up and moving to New Orleans, only to return a week later in a sweaty, feverish state, having suffered a breakdown after observing the city’s many colorful homes.)

At any rate, there has been only one recurring issue with it. Several guests have all reported the same thing: they have dozed off in the hammock alone, only to awaken when they feel someone else climb in. Only, opening their eyes they see that they are still the sole occupant. Furthermore, the hammock is no longer hanging from the trees, but rather between two snags of rock just a little ways down the cliff upon which the inn is perched, so that when they look over the side, they see nothing but jagged stones and the tumultuous ocean.

Luckily, all those who have experienced this were helped to safety by an unnamed man whose description matches to a T that of Ernest Fellingham, a beloved local fishing boat captain memorialized in the town square with a bronze statue. But that must be a mere coincidence, as Fellingham went missing during a stormy fishing expedition some fifty years ago.

At any rate, if you have any customer service contact information for the hammock maker, I would love to get in touch with them so I can work this out.

Wishing you and father well!

Miranda Prillchisky
The Dread Inn at Death Rock

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