2-Pack: Odec 10,000mAh Power Banks

  • You know how phones will sometimes, like, die?
  • Well, you can plug your phone into one of these, and it won’t!
  • (As long as the power bank itself is charged)
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They Live! (We mean your phones)

Let’s take a look at this product photo for these Odec Powerbanks:

Now, obviously, we’re curious about what’s going on with this document/booklet that says “CEREAL” at the top, and then shows maybe the top of the Golden Gate Bridge emerging from a morning fog:

But honestly, we’re not here to make fun of this picture. Because it’s actually a perfect illustration of how useful a good power bank can be.

Yes, we usually talk about how great they are for traveling or commuting, to keep your phone charged between outlets.

But soon spring will be here, and that strange expanse of boards beyond your backdoor–the one that seems to serve no purpose beyond collecting snow and ice–will morph, miraculously, back into a deck. That means, instead of looking at the weather app on your phone and deciding if you should shovel last night’s dusting of snow before work or if the afternoon sun will melt it for you, you can sit outside and enjoy some fresh air with your morning coffee.

But it’s always annoying when you get out there, settle into your chair, and then your phone immediately goes into the red.

A power bank can fix that! Because it’s basically an outlet you take with you!

So get a couple, and keep your phone alive wherever you are, whether it’s a cross-Atlantic flight or a hundred feet from your backdoor.

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