How can I make my address exist?

metaphore went on a bit of a rant said

I have issues with 4 out of 5 of packages delivered. It’s getting old being told my address is invalid and delivery wasn’t even attempted only for it to sit around for week and then finally show up with a hand written note saying “Address is Good”.
So here’s the problem, I live in a duplex on a corner lot. One unit has an address of 3333 XXX St, and the other unit is 222 ZZZ Ave. Officially the lot address is 3333 XXX. Unfortunately, I live on the ZZZ side. USPS has no trouble giving me mail and packages but all the other delivery services have problems most of the time, even if they had successfully made a delivery a few weeks earlier.
Most the time it gets sorted out in a few days and eventually shows up, but a few times packages have been returned to sender and then canceled, which is really not ideal.
I think at least part of the problem is that when using any map application when entering my address the pin is dropped in the middle of the intersection outside the house and not connected to any building, let alone being somewhere close to where I actually live.
I want to figure out some sort of permanent solution because no matter how many times I call fedex and tell them that the address on the box is, in fact, where I do live, and that they’ve made deliveries here hundreds of times, it still is a problem the next time.