Spooky Goat update! That one episode of Ironside, and that other episode of Ironside!


Followers of my spooky goat reign may recall a certain picture of a young Jodie Foster with Rod Serling as the grooviest warlock in San Francisco. It was from an episode of Ironside titled Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Murder. I couldn’t find the episode to post.
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I’ve been enjoying watching Ironside on the getTV digital station since last fall, but it only occurred to me a month ago that, if they didn’t change the schedule, eventually they’d show it. Long story short, they didn’t change the schedule and it’s going to be on Friday morning at 10 am central! So exciting if you enjoy the concept of prepubescent girls performing candle magic in an apartment house basement! Which I do!
While I was looking up the episode again, I found the whole damn series on archive.org, where I would swear I looked in October and found nothing, but it’s been up since at least last May? If you CAN’T WAIT, or don’t get getTV, you can watch the episode here:
Sadly, the picture was clearly a promotional still and not a scene from the show.

ALSO: Just for kicks, or if you can’t get enough of slightly supernatural episodes of Ironside, here’s the season 7 episode where Ironside is lured to a haunted house where someone is trying to drive him insane… but why? It’s nothing like that one episode of Night Gallery with Leslie Nielsen, but it’s great in its own way.

PS I can’t believe how much old tv is being shown, everywhere, all the time. There was a point in the early '90’s when cable was snatching up all the old shows and broadcast was starting to just show syndicated talk shows all day and infomercials all night, and I was genuinely heartbroken because it felt so very wrong, and I refused to get cable. If I had known that all I’d have to do is wait 20-30 years and things (in this one regard) would be BETTER THAN EVER, well, I would have been mad at having to wait.