2-Pack: Braven & iFrogz Wireless or Wired Earbuds (5-styles)

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  • Model: 8UD5-F0R-L1F3
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Listen Up

I think of the various podcasts I listen to as belonging to a series of tiers.

The first tier would be chore podcasts. To clarify, these podcasts are not themselves chores to listen to; rather, they’re podcasts I listen to while completing chores. Maybe I’m picking up around the house, or cooking, or doing the dishes. It doesn’t matter; I just need something to listen to, to distract me from the monotony of the task at hand. For this reason, entertainment value is not the top priority. I’m looking for company, not necessarily to have my mind blown.

The second tier would be the walking/driving around town tier. Here, I need something a bit more engaging, something that might make me chuckle or say, “well how about that,” to myself. But generally, I am fairly relaxed during these times, so, again, the entertainment value doesn’t have to be through the roof, just a bit better than the previous tier.

And then, finally, there is the third tier, the jogging/long drive tier. These podcasts are the creme-de-la-creme: the funniest, most engaging stuff, capable of making an hour feel like a breezy ten minutes. I should note, within this tier there are distinctions. For example, I can listen to reported, narrative podcasts on long drives, but I prefer chattier podcasts when I’m running, as I find it hard to follow a story arch in such an endorphin-addled state.

Now, in a perfect world, my cup would overfloweth with tier three podcasts, and I would find my podcast app so replete with home runs that I could let some of the good stuff trickle down to tier two and even tier one activities. But alas, it simply cannot be.

So, what does any of this have to do with today’s product?

It’s simple: you can listen to any podcast, regardless of its quality, with these earbuds!

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