What's goat you down? (September 2021 Scapegoat Blame Thread)


Here we are again,
nominating a new goat.
It’s so exciting.

First, I have to say,
RogerWilco has been great.
And I do mean that.

August was so hot!
They just took it all in stride,
with cat pics galore.

But, now we reboot.
September has new trouble,
so who do you call?

A Haiku Scapegoat?
We never would have guessed it,
but hey, this is Meh.

It’s magical here.
It was bound to happen, right?

Smart Goat

So now you can say,
ReplicaCobra is goat.
Just in September.

Next month we cool off.
Enoy the heat while it lasts.

This isn’t so hard.
We should all Haiku sometimes…