Help with problems with shipping...but not in the way you think...

gt0163c went on a bit of a rant said

Hi Meh
I coach a youth STEM/robotics team which competes in the FIRST Lego League. As a part of the competition the team has to identify a problem related to theme and come up with a unique and innovative solution to that problem. This year’s theme is transporting cargo/goods. A majority of the team I coach is in their first year of competition and ages 10-11. They’re having trouble getting beyond, “Drones are cool! Let’s make something that will deliver packages by drone!”. Which sounds like fun but is more of a solution looking for a problem rather than the other way around.
I’m just a simple country aerospace engineer and my co-coach is a high school robotics teacher and parent. We’re having trouble redirecting the team members to even start thinking about other type of problems.
Which is where you all come in:
What are some problems you’ve encountered relating to shipping/transporting cargo?
Consider this permission to complain about SmartPost/Pitny Bowes and every other horrible shipping company who has ever sent your package on a round trip to Cleveland before finally getting it to you via Albuquerque.
What horrible packaging have you encountered?
If you happen to be involved in shipping things or receiving things which are shipped as something other than a consumer, I’d love to hear your stories of problems and frustrations you’ve encountered.
If you happen to work for Meh and you all are looking for a way to outreach in the local community possibly by giving a tour of your warehouse and talking about your shipping process with a group of well chaperoned kids, let me know. We’re in the North Fort Worth area and everyone loves a field trip!