Diamond Muse Diamond Accent 2" Hoop Earrings

  • Sparkly
  • Pretty
  • But not too sparkly
  • And just pretty enough not to be gaudy
  • But definitely eye-catching
  • Comes in a gifty little black box
  • Model: We don’t know whose ear that is, actually
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The Gift Of Simplicity

These earrings are the perfect Mother’s Day gift. They’re flashy enough to get some looks, but not so flashy that you’ll get the wrong kind of looks. Or, to put it differently, their appearance is luxurious but not gaudy.

And the most important part? They don’t do a single useful thing beyond look pretty!

Now, this might seem antithetical to our original claim. Why is it a perfect gift if it serves almost no purpose at all beyond aesthetics?

Because people don’t like homework, that’s why.

Maybe it’s some residual frustration from childhood when what would otherwise be a delightful night playing video games or riding your bike was ruined by a xeroxed piece of paper covered in multiplication problems. Even as you got older and developed interests that were reflected in your homework, you dreaded it. Sure, you loved to read books, and sure, Jane Austen was actually pretty talented at writing them. But the fact that you didn’t choose to read Sense and Sensibility yourself took the shine off, didn’t it?

And this has carried over even into adulthood. Consider what happens when you watch a movie that you really enjoy. What do you do? You tell all of your friends to check it out, because it’s so good, and you know they’ll love it too. But what happens when your friends recommend a movie to you? You get a little annoyed. Because you have other movies you want to watch and now you need to watch their movie. Which brings up another important aspect of all this: the pride of discovery.

And so if you gift someone a gadget or a book or a cooking class that will quote-un-quote change their lives, their immediate reaction will be appreciation (because it’s nice to be thought of). But this will be followed quickly by stress and frustration, due to the fact that a) now they need to learn how to use that thing (or read it, or attend it); and b) they want to feel in control of their lives, and so they want to be the one to discover the various additives that will alter it for the better.

Factor in that, in this case, we’re talking about your mom–someone older than you, and therefore, naturally more set in their ways than even your most stubborn friends–and now it’s basically a given that this “absolutely essential” gift they’ll “use every day” is taking a trip from the doorstep to the attic to collect dust.

Earrings on the other hand are pretty, and pretty useless (i.e. no learning curve) and that’s what makes them the perfect gift for any mom!

(Now, if we sell other, more useful products in the coming days and claim they could be great Mother’s Day gifts, please disregard all of this.)

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