10-Pack: Assorted UV-Protected Sunglasses

  • 10 cheap sunglasses (for proof that they are cheap, check the price)
  • Most are plastic frames, some are children sized, all are cheap
  • Even though they’re cheap sunglasses, they do block harmful UV rays
  • You might get 10 unique styles of cheap sunglasses, you might not
  • Did we mention that they’re cheap sunglasses?
  • Model: None (When a product is this cheap, the mental energy required to create unique model numbers for each one does not justify the expense)
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They're Only Cool In ZZ Top Songs

These are cheap sunglasses. Very cheap sunglasses. You should not expect them to look cool, fit your head, last for years (or months), or do anything except block the sun and its UV rays at a time when you didn’t have your “real” sunglasses handy.

Last time we sold these, lots of people complained about the plastic frames, the fact that many of them were in children’s sizes, etc.

We want to make this as clear as possible (because the lenses certainly aren’t): These are very cheap sunglasses.

These are the sunglass equivalent of an air mattress. You don’t expect an air mattress to be the most comfortable in the world. You wouldn’t sleep on it every night. But it’s nice to have one around to put in the guest room or the proverbial dog house.

Similarly, if someone visits your house for a pool party (or Slip ’N Slide party, if you’re not a member of the bourgeoisie) and forget their shades — no problem! You’ve got a whole box of cheap sunglasses for such an occasion. They won’t complain that you didn’t give them a pair of authentic Ray Bans. All they want is something to keep them from perpetually squinting.

Or maybe you’re taking a trip to Disneyland, the “Happiest Place on Earth” and also the “Place On Earth You’re Most Likely To Lose A Pair of Sunglasses.” Hand out a couple pairs of cheap Meh shades to every member of the family and rest easy (in the few precious moments you’re able to rest) that if somebody loses their pair, it won’t matter.

If you’re looking for your next pair of killer shades, keep moving. If you’re looking for something to throw in the basket by the pool — ding ding ding!

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