10-for-Tensday: Random Sunglasses

  • 10 shades of great
  • A random assortment of the styles presented in the pictures
  • Yes, these provide UV protection (you’d be surprised how many cheap sunglasses do not)
  • You’ll probably get 10 unique styles but we can’t guarantee there won’t be a repeat
  • 2 pairs at this price would be good. 10 is borderline annoying. You can’t George Saunders us on this one – you have to take all 10
  • Most styles are fairly unisex, though sunglasses gender identification, like the very light they block, is a spectrum
  • Model: Too many to list and who cares (Try this: walk into a gas station and ask the attendant for the model number of the ten-buck sunglasses they’re selling at the counter. Let us know what they say)
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Daily Deal With It

Listen up, we’re selling 10 of something for $10 today.

Thought that might pique your interest. And you might be especially interested to learn that they’re glasses. SUNglasses.

You might wonder, “What do I need with 10 sunglasses? I only wear one at a time.”

And you’re right. But there’s another way to think about how to use them.

Instead of treating them as 10 individual pairs you have to choose from, think of them as one pair that magically reappears any time you lose it.

A little confusing, we know. Here’s how it works. Pick one from the ten and make those your “active” pair. Then, when you (eventually) lose that pair, simply pick out the next set of shades and make those your active pair. Pretty cool, yeah?

Well, not that cool.

Or nearly that cool.

Bingo. That’s exactly how cool this idea is. Just to make sure we’re on the same page, can you repeat back to us how this system works?

Well, that’s not exactly what we –

– no, you’re missing the –

– you’re supposed to –

We should have seen that coming.

And you bought...

  • 4627 of these.
  • Deal ended .
  • That’s $55823 total.
  • (including shipping)

Who's buying this crap?

How many are you buying?