Let's Play Mafia, Day 5: "I am predicting we’ll lose this"


The Story So Far:

Troll’s Butte is a small town in the foothills of Colorado, settled by disillusioned miners. A gang of bandits, looking to wipe out the town, has recruited three locals to start killing townspeople one-by-one. The townspeople, determined to take justice in their own hands, have been voting for which of their neighbors they think is a traitor, and executing them summarily. They have not had much luck. After accusing the innocent @Sabre99, the bandits attacked @PlacidPenguin and left them to die on their horse. Then the locals turned on @Medz, whose only crime was trying to hunt down the truth. @Kevin was the next one on the bandit’s chopping block, left tied to a water wheel for elk fodder. With the focus on him, @DrunkCat tried to vote for himself for sympathy until it backfired and got him killed by the townspeople, and his ghostly figure made his innocence (and frustration) clear. After @stardate820926 was found face-down in the lake, an innocent @therealjrn took the fall. As the number of innocent locals dwindles, it becomes more apparent that the Meh-leficient Marauders are not only deadly, but skilled at manipulation. Will they ever face justice?

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Day 5

It was early in the afternoon, and the whole town - what was left of it, anyway - was gathered in the cemetery, circling yet another freshly-dug grave. The undertaker’s coffin supply couldn’t keep up with demand, so it was an oddly fortunate outcome of the bandit’s methods that the remains from last night fit in two small crates.
“…@amehzinggrace was many things to many people, but one thing to everyone: a friend. As we lower both halves into the final resting place, I ask that we all sing @AmehzingGrace’s favorite hymn: How Great Thou Art.”
After the funeral, the group slowly dispersed for lunch before reconvening in the courthouse, as the the undertaker began digging the next grave.