La Cabra de Mayo (May 2024 scapegoat blame thread)


Month 5 in this election year, and you’ve already elected a 5th goat. Everything seems to be going to plan. I don’t know the plan, so I’ll stick with “seems” for now.

Our April goat will be a hard act to follow. @xobzoo treated us right and was not only easy to blame, but a delight to endure. As always, your service is appreciated.

Now for May, and all the trouble we can squeeze into the next 31 days. Who will wear the “crown of horns” for us? Looks like @DLPanther landed the narrow lead.

scared goat

The AI is clearly still learning to count, but I have to say I’m loving the terror we got out of this one. Best of luck to ya, @DLPanther.