Idiots Guide to being a Goat

CaptAmehrican thought this was worth mentioning said

So you have been goated! Congratulations on this honor/punishment. Here is a guide to goating.

  1. What do goats have to do? Really nothing. Some goats have gone MIA during their month. That however makes us all sad and is boring

  2. What should a goat do? Be active on the forum. Regular posts with themes are common but really anything fun and lighthearted is entertaining

  3. What blame is a Goat not responsible for? Deaths, pandemics. Wars. Results of IRL elections.

4.What blames are a Goat responsibility?anything meh related, minor irritating things, silly nuisances, life hassles, flat tires, alien invasions, and anything the meh community finds entertaining regarding blames.

  1. Does a goat need to respond to the blame thread? No ,but if they don’t they will be blamed for it.

  2. What if I don’t like this guide? Blame the goat.