Create a Monsterfied Holiday Ornament

You are free to make it from anything…
You want to turn something from around your home into an ornament?.. Go for it!
You want to buy an ornament and monsterfy it?.. Please do!
You want to make it completely from scratch?.. Sounds great!


The Challenge begins now.

On Friday December 10th 2021 a Reveal Thread will be posted.

Challenge ends at 11:59pm on Sunday December 19th and all submissions need to be posted to the Reveal Thread by then.

KoolHandJoe will personally judge and select 3 Winners on Monday December 20th 2021.


Only 1 entry per person.

The ornament you are monsterfying can be made from anything. You can buy an ornament and monsterfy it, you can take an item from your home and make it into an ornament and then monsterfy it or you can make your monsterfied ornament 100% from scratch.

You cannot spend more than $25.00 on materials and/or supplies needed to create the monsterfied ornament.

Additional items you currently have laying around can be used without counting toward the $25.00 spend limit.

Item must be small enough to actually hang from a tree… So it must be 6 inches or less in length, width and height not including the string.

I am putting a NO NOOSE clause in this challenge’s rules… so please do not create anything that hangs from the tree by the neck… too many implications can be made from that imagery.

The Challenge is open to anyone except Mercatalyst employees. Previous challenge winners are welcome to submit but NOT eligible to win.

All submissions must be added to the reveal thread. The reveal thread will be created on Friday December 10th 2021.

If stuck or need advice on how to do a certain thing I will gladly offer help in this thread so everyone can benefit from it… others are welcome to offer ideas as well.

Posting ideas and updates encouraged in this thread.


3 Winners will receive an IRK.

All 3 IRK boxes will contain items curated personally by KoolHandJoe and will also contain an original Holiday Themed KoolHandJoe creation that has never before been seen.