KoolHandJoe's First Ever Monsterfy This Challenge - THE REVEAL THREAD



It’s ALIVE…… ALIVE!!!.. Well the Reveal Thread for the Monsterfy This Challenge that is.

Time to start posting your Monsterfied Crafts

A few rules for posting
1 - Tells us about your item
A - Describe what it looked like before being Monsterfied
B - What was your inspiration / vision
C - Give us a brief rundown of what materials you used
2 - Tell me about how much of the $25 spend limit was used
3 - Be sure to like and comment on other peoples posts… (but keep it positive)
4 - Don’t worry if you don’t think yours is as good as someone else’s is… post it anyways… We all truly want to see it.
5 - Remember to have everything posted by no later than 12:00am (Central) Friday October 15th (Next Friday)

Quick reminder - Only one entry per person / account

When I pick the winners next week I promise that everyone will be considered and everyone will have a fair shot at winning. It does not matter if you are a professional artist or have never tried doing anything like this before… as long as it was in the spirit of Monsterfication you could win. Vision and Inspiration matter to me just as much as ability.