Your Choice: 40-Pack N95 NIOSH or 60-Pack KN95 Masks

  • Two options: good masks or slightly better masks; both deals are $20
  • Your choice will reveal a lot about the economic foundations of society.
  • We might be reading too much into this…
  • Model: A-0R-B
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Today’s deal is an accidental experiment in market dynamics. We’ve got two options on the table.

They’re both $20. They’re both masks.

Except one offer includes these tried-and-true KN95s. The other, NIOSH-certified N95s. The latter, a premium offering. The former, an appreciably cheaper price per mask.

Your choice (including choosing to click “meh”) becomes a potential data point in an economic model that could help determine the optimum price of masks and the relative desirability of one versus the other ACROSS THE GLOBE.

Economists are salivating at the little charts down there at the bottom of the page as the verdict is slowly reached, one purchase at a time. World leaders purse their lips as they weigh the market dynamics at play. Calculus will be applied to the resulting data to reveal the optimum price-to-value efficiency curve, which will eventually be used to determine the price of everything from pork rinds to cell phones.

Then the global economy will collapse because it was built on a foundation of shopping behaviors derived from people also willing to buy unseen bags of nonsense for $5 a pop as long as it’s amusingly marketed.

Perhaps “statistical outliers” is a polite way to describe you maniacs.

Ya’ll are a mess, is what we’re trying to say.

But mess or not, you’re still in control of today’s deal with two options sure to tickle your mask-wearing fancy one way or another.

Get a whole bunch of KN95s for just $20. Or get a slightly smaller bunch of slightly better N95s for the same price.

We’ll be here with the market analysts, eagerly awaiting your decision.

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