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Tzumi IPX6 Bluetooth Speaker with Charging Dock

  • It is small but strong enough to defeat two enemies at once: silence and moisture!
  • By which we mean, the sound quality is pretty good, and it’s IPX6 waterproof.
  • It’s also magnetic and comes with a charging base.
  • The speakers are about the size of a CD
  • Please tell me you’re old enough to know the size of a CD
  • Ok, fine, 4.75” in diameter, not counting the base
  • Model: 5221, 5222. Finally! Some damn order around here!
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We're Going To Need A Smaller Speaker

We’re told that these things, by virtue of being IPX6, can handle rain, splashing, kitchen/bathroom faucets, and, most excitingly, “outdoor use in rough sea conditions.”

Whoa boy, did that escalate!

Like, you start with a basic bluetooth speaker that you can take on a picnic without checking the forecast, and you end blasting the latest Mitski album while sailing through the perfect storm in search of the gang of Portuguese man o’wars that’s tormented your family for generations.

But maybe you’re not a wily sea captain. Maybe you don’t have a pool in your back yard. Maybe you’re not interested in bumping hot tracks while hanging out at the local beach. Maybe you like your fishing trips with no soundtrack aside from the ambient noise of a lake at rest.

In that case, you might be thinking that you don’t need a Tzumi Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. And you’re right; you probably don’t need it. But you might want it.

Can I tell you something sad but true? My last laptop died a watery death. Or, maybe not watery. Maybe an electrolyte-rich-sport-drinky death. What I’m saying is I spilled a Gatorade on it and that was the end. Since then, I feel a little nervous drinking anything while typing. To be fair, this nervousness is mostly subconscious, only surfacing when my hand accidentally grazes the glass or mug as I reach for something else. But still, it’s always there.

I mention this to make a pretty basic point: it’s nice to have some electronics that can handle a little wetness. Like a speaker, for example, that you can use while you’re doing the dishes, or leave next to the shower, or take into the the garden even if it’s drizzling. In other words, it’s nice to free up that tiny part of your brain devoted to worrying about keeping everything dry.

Then again, if you want to take this thing on the high seas, be our guest!

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