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TrackR Pixel 10-Packs

  • Attach them to your keys or whatever, and then you can call your keys
  • Or you can use your keys to call your lost phone
  • So… the batteries might be dead, but you can buy more on Amazon and use this guide to put them in
  • Model: TR4CK-15-WH4CK
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A Deliciously Stupid Dad Joke!

In honor of these TrackR Pixels (for when you just want to call your keys to find out where they are) and “Spread The Love” (two hilarious PB&J-related designs currently for sale over at Mediocritee) we present:

A Deliciously Stupid Dad Joke!


Thus concludes:

A Deliciously Stupid Dad Joke!

(This design and another are currently for sale over on Mediocritee!)

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