Pharmaceutical Recycling


So a side conversation in another thread reminded me about a program that had been adopted by most states but not implemented by many and that is the ability to donate old prescription drugs to be reused in hospitals, clinics and especially programs for those who cannot afford them.

My FIL had a ton of drugs that were unused, including a chelation drug that retails for over $70 a pill. Since we had 3 bottles of 350 pills each, I was loath to dispose of them. Unfortunately, NYS is among those that have passed a law but have not yet implemented a program.

Thankfully, the head of pharmacy at our local medical center told me about a donation program out of Wyoming that accepts donations from individuals, including those out of state:

They used to have a limited list. Now it appears they will take anything and sort through and dispose of any they cannot use.

You can also check to see if there is a program in your state:

Hope it’s helpful!