Sharper Image Shiatsu Heated Compression Massagers for Foot or Foot & Calf

  • One works your feet
  • One works your feet AND calves (assuming they can fit)
  • Both are shiatsu and both have heat
  • Are they Mac compatible: Oh, totally, just drop your iPhone in one of the foot holes to give it a nice hot massage
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No Pain, No Gain

To all the people out there who resolved to be more active in 2024: we wish you the best! Now, go ahead and buy one of these foot massagers. Because you’ll need it.

Sorry if that came across as a bit mean. We don’t want to be brash about your decision to better yourself. We really do think it’s great. And certainly, the process is, in a way, its own reward. There’s nothing quite like the endorphin high, is there? Or the feeling of satisfaction when check your steps and see a five-figure number. Even the soreness the day after a long run or an intense hike can be pleasing. “You’re doing it!” the ache seems to be saying. “You’re achieving your goals!”

But here’s the thing: you’re gonna hurt yourself.

We’re not talking about the kind of hurt that results from clumsiness. We’re not implying that the injury will involve you going out for a jog and tripping over an uneven bit of sidewalk or your own feet. In some ways, injuries like these are the easiest to deal with because there’s no mystery. You’re just like, “I banged one of my knees hard on the ground, and now my knee hurts, so I better ice it up.”

No, we’re talking about the kind of pain that just sort of… happens. You’ll be cruising along and all of a sudden something will feel bad. Not sore. Not even stiff. Just bad. And the worst is when it’s something in your foot. (Or, okay, actually the worst is when it’s in your back; foot pain is probably the second worst. But we’re not selling back massagers today, so just go with it.) Because you can pause your 5k training or cancel that long evening stroll, but you’re still gonna have to, you know, walk.

Hence, you might want a heated shiatsu foot massager to pulverize the pain away.

And today, we have two options:

  1. A foot massager with heat; and…

  2. A foot AND calf massager with heat.

Which one should you choose? That really depends on your preference. Though we will add this helpful comment @AaronLeeJohnson posted last time we sold the foot and calf model:

I’m just going to put it out there. Calves are too thick for this. It would be nice, but my legs are too swole.

Good to know, right?

But again: if you resolved to exercise more in the new year, get one of these. You won’t regret it.

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