Calling the fishermen. Do we have any?


There seems to be dearth of sportsman on meh. Or at least topics. Do you fish? If you do what kind of fishing?

All my rods/reels are basically zebco stuff I haven’t used since I was a kid. Dad wasn’t as really into it but grandpa was. Not gonna lie I was a little upset when he killed my catfish when I was like 8. But it was delicious. And we caught a ton of panfish off his giant bamboo pole the two years we went camping with them on the lake.

Anyway. I need a hobby/been hauling the fishing lures around for two decades. Time to buy some stuff I’ll continue to not use lol.

Spincast combo I already bought?

Supposedly decent baitcast combo?

What would your freshwater fishing approaches be with them? Northern Midwest. Right by a lake. Multiple chains of lakes. Rivers. Etc.

Yes I know I can Google it/get maps/go to fishing forums. Just thought I’d poke here first since I generally like you people. I’d always wanted to go through the boundary waters in Minnesota. That canoe might have sailed though. My maps definitely out of date