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Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum with 2 Power Packs

  • Using our patented FeatureShred Technology®, we’ve managed to cut the overstated vacuum features down to just three:
  • It’s good on carpet and hard floors.
  • It’ll run 80 minutes before it needs a charge and it’s pretty light and easy to carry.
  • Oh, and it’s swell at picking up dirt and pet hair and stuff.
  • Model: IF285, because people who don’t buy it will end up saying, “IF only I had!”
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Law And Corder(less)

Before you get all up in your stuff about, “ugh, Meh selling a Shark Vac again,” just know these two things:

  1. We haven’t sold one in a while, and…

  2. This is the first cordless one we’ve sold.

So there!

Now onto the actual crux of the sale, which is encapsulated in that second point outlined above. Should you get a cordless vacuum? Which is really like asking: do you want a little electric car or a truck?

The little electric car can be parked anywhere. You can pull a u-turn on a narrow road without going up on the sidewalk. You always have plenty of room between you and the dividing line and you and shoulder. All good stuff, right? But you also need to remember to charge it. Oh, and all that easy handling? That means it can’t handle much of a load. Like, if you’re moving, you’re getting 3 boxes in that thing max. Still, it’s efficient and it’s easy.

The truck on the other hand is going to be able to hold all sorts of stuff and take on some real rough terrain. It’s not going to deal with corners great, but that’s no big deal, right? At least it isn’t until you have to park in that one tiny garage downtown and now you’re not sure if you have clearance on the left or the right, or if you’ll fit in any of the spots, not to mention it looks like you could reach out the window and run your fingers along the cement ceiling.

Where were we? Oh, right. Vacuums.

The cordless Shark vacuum isn’t going to lack suction power. It’s going to have, like every vacuum, about 12 features that make almost no sense and all basically amount to: “good at picking up dirt and stuff.” The difference is, you gotta remember to charge it, and you gotta empty it more often than a bigger plugged-straight-into-the-wall model. In return for these minor inconveniences, you get a super light and easy-to-carry vacuum that can get around all the obstacles the larger models are going to bump up against.

So, if you’ve got 4000 square feet of sparsely populated thick-pile carpet, maybe get a something different. But, if you’ve got a normal sized house with a few rugs over hardwood, this thing is just the ticket.

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