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Power To Go 12000mah/600cca Portable Jump Starter/Power Bank

  • With 12,000mAh, you can charge your dead phone enough to call a thousand tow trucks to come and jump your dead car
  • Or you could, you know, use this thing to jump your car
  • Peak Current: 600 CCA, which means it’ll jump up to a 6.5-liter engine
  • Built-in flashlight because there just aren’t enough built-in flashlights
  • Model: PJS100, which stands for ‘Pretty Jammin’ Starter,’ which is definitely something the kids say
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When You're Feeling Powerless

Let me tell you a little story from last winter: I lost my wallet the day before I needed to take a trip. I found it eventually, the next morning, mere hours before I was supposed to leave. I’d dropped it in a bag by accident. But again, that was the next day.

What preceded that, the night I realized I had lost it, was an extensive, high-stress search. I looked in the couch, in the chair, in the couch and the chair again, digging deeper and deeper, into grit-filled crevices I didn’t even know existed, places into which my wallet, so fat with coffee shop punch cards and long since depleted gift cards, could not possibly have fit. But I looked, nonetheless. And when nothing emerged, I put on my jacket, grabbed my keys, and went out to search my car.

I looked under the seats, in the door pocket, in the center console, everywhere. Then I came and looked inside some more. Then I went back out to my car. Then back inside. Then back out to my car. Then–well, you get it.

Again, this was at night. By the last search, I was distraught and cold. It was maybe 2 degrees outside. In my final rush to get back to the warmth of the house, I forgot to turn off the dome light.

So, the next day, when I finally found my wallet, my car wouldn’t start.

I called my car insurance company and they said they’d send someone in the next three hours. So now I was totally stressed: would I get on the road on time? And, moreover, would they be able to get the tow truck up my narrow, steep driveway? Would they have long enough cables to reach around my car?

Then a little crossover SUV showed up. And a guy got out. And he walked up the driveway with a jumper box. And jumped my car.

So easy.

Of course, then there was the issue of the radio being “locked” and requiring a code that apparently was given to me when I bought the car 8 years prior, and the only way I was able to get it working again was to do a Google search and find one on some sketchy site like a fucking criminal.

But that’s not important. The point is: I could’ve saved myself a bit of time and stress if I’d had this Power To Go jumpstarter and power bank. So I’m buying one today.

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