Confirm my biases: discuss your incandescent hatred of the biannual DST/ST clock changes here.


I want DST year round.

Failing that, I just want no clock adjustments.

(Except when Einstein’s ghost, or the consensus of some physics gurus, say that we need to make a teeny tiny adjustment. Pref one of a only few nanoseconds.)

I know that time, as humans theoretically conceptualize it, is an abstract construct. Anyone who wants to, go ahead and discuss/model all day and night on that.

It’s also a real, universal, experienced, intuitive, biological, physically-unavoidable phenomena. Some conception of time is common to every known human culture.

And messing with our day-to-day markers re time hurts.
Hurts me, anyway.

In conclusion:

I hate this changeover. Fuck this changeover.

You’re an intelligent bunch, so please state your agreement and vent your hatred of this changeover in this topic.

To anyone who disagrees with the notion that the changeover is bad:
Speak up, if you wish. I suppose you’re entitled to be wrong.


/giphy it’s just wrong

/youtube hazy shade of winter