This or That, Day 6


So yesterday did not disappoint. There were plenty of opinions (like I would have been surprised) and you colored outside the two given choice lines within minutes of posting - good for you!

There were ballots cast for “none of the above” as well as “both of the above”, including an odd conglomeration of both into a single character that must be some violation of inter-DC/Marvel family moral laws or comic book ethics or something.

But I was introduced to Spider Ham/Peter Porker, so that was an extra bonus for me! And there were a couple heart-warming recollections of the man Christopher Reeve by which I was duly impressed.

And while I haven’t actually tallied the votes…

…I do believe the write-in candidate of Wonder Woman made a good showing of it. And given this was an off-election year, I’d say it was an impressive run.

Like most of those for whom we voted (or didn’t) yesterday, today’s characters are actors playing parts. But unlike those characters, if we don’t like them, we can simply turn these ones off. Good luck with that elsewhere.

Anyway, from a certain short-lived comedy (also not unlike some political careers), our choices today are between:


or June