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Pogocam Wearable HD Camera with 100% UV Pogotrack Sunglasses

  • A pair of sunglasses… that remembers!
  • JK, it’s a pair of sunglasses and tiny spy cam thing.
  • Don’t want to use the included sunglasses? That’s… well, honestly, it’s a bit hurtful. We thought you’d like them. But it’s okay; the PogoCam can attach to other frames.
  • USB-C charging case can hold 16,000 pictures (which are taken in 5mp) and 180 30 second videos (which are shot in 720p).
  • Model: CAM-07202905001. Well, CAM obviously stands for James Cameron, as this can shoot videos, but I have no idea what the numbers mean.
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A Different Point-Of-View

Really, if you’re buying this, it’s probably just as a joke, right? Maybe it’s a gag-gift, or maybe you’re trying to play a little prank. The video over on its Amazon page tries to promote it as a sort of action cam, but for drinking coffee with friends.

So, there’s no actual practical reason to have one of these, right?


You could do all sorts of useful stuff with this PogoCam! Here are three ideas we had:

  • Going to the sculpture park can take forever… that is if you stop to admire every sculpture. But what if you could just glance at each piece and then enjoy the experience in several parts at your leisure throughout the following week? That’s right; PogoCam makes art efficient!

  • “Who’s that super cool guy,” they’ll say about you, “who wears sunglasses to class and sits in the back of the lecture hall? He looks so disinterested but I hear he aces all the tests!” Little do they know! While you might appear too cool for school, you’re busy recording each lecture with your your PogoCam to study at length later!

  • Sure, your phone’s screen time calculator can provide you with some useful data about how tech-addicted you are. But have you ever tried sitting and watching a video of yourself scrolling through Twitter to see just how much time you actually waste each day? What we’re saying is PogoCam brings the REAL shame!

  • Really, though, isn’t it less about what the PogoCam can do for you, and more about what you and your PogoCam can do for others? For example, if you bought a PogoCam last time we sold one, you could wear it to record yourself checking today’s Meh, and then post the video to the forums for others see how it works. That’s right! PogoCams even make for a better PogoCam buying experience!

How practical is that?!

(Seriously, though, will someone do that last one?)

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