Do your co-workers make you shake your head in disbelief?


Last week, I was made project manager of a complex project (not rocket science) because the first pm didn’t get the job done correctly. In her defense, we have a complex landscape of technical interfaces, as well as overly complicated business process.
However, I have been there, done that, for quite a long time, so this is old hat to me. I took a job as an accountant to get out of that pressure to perform environment, but I have been telling my boss I am underutilized in this current job. He inherited me, so he doesn’t quite understand the skills/knowledge I possess, which is ok, but it turns out I am an adrenaline junkie and need to do more.
When they were looking for someone to lead this project, I was voted onto the island. It happens often, whichever job I am in, I get co-opted because of my crazy combination of business and technical knowledge. But I said to my co-worker that I feel like a “prized pony” that is only trotted out when the barn is on fire. That when push comes to shove, the bigwigs dust me off from my quiet corner and use to me to get things done. (None of this is complaining, just the way it is.)

  So all of that was context for this photo: 

enter image description here

My desk was attacked by my pretty little ponies… Moral of the story, be careful of crazy co-workers …