Pick-your-2-pack: BottleKeeper with Opener & CanKeeper Insulated Holders

  • BottleKeeper fits most 12oz standard beverage bottles
  • CanKeeper keeps most 12oz cans REALLY COLD
  • They’re super insulated to keep your beverage colder, longer
  • Both feature lids that keep dirt or bugs or both out of your brew
  • We’re selling two for less than one costs on Amazon
  • Check out these videos to see how they work BottleKeeper | CanKeeper
  • We had SO MANY images to show you we had to include the extra ones in the specs
  • Model: seriously, SO MANY
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The State of Insulation

We don’t talk enough about innovation outside of the tech world.

Seriously, think about it. A hot new app that does something totally unnecessary? Everyone’s talking about it. A new social media platform that is the same as every old social media platform? It’s big news. A smart phone with a slightly larger screen? A smart watch that is neither smarter nor sexier than the last? A vaguely helpful piece of wearable technology? They pack people into theaters to unveil that stuff.

Meanwhile, other industries chug along, changing everything, and nobody seems to bat an eye.

For proof, look no further than the insulated beverage container industrial complex. Used to be that if you wanted a travel mug, you had to get something that looked like a pair of Oakleys had been transformed into a sippy cup. On top, a leaky lid with an overly complicated opening mechanism. Inside, enough room for 4 ounces of coffee, despite the thing being a foot tall and just as wide as a standard ceramic mug. What was taking up that extra space? Insulation. Enough to keep your morning beverage warm for… we didn’t know… fifteen minutes?

Now, they make water bottles that’ll keep stuff ice cold or piping hot for, like, two weeks. And they look sleek and simple.

But, despite this amazing amount of progress, when it comes time to enjoy a cold one by the pool, you’re expected to make due with a koozie? We’re more than two decades into the 2000s and that’s what we’ve got–a thin layer of foam given to you by an Anheuser-Busch rep who just happened to be doing a promotion at the bar that one night?

It’s time to modernize. By which we mean, it’s time to get yourself a couple BottleKeepers or CanKeepers (or one of each). What are they? Think of them as military-grade koozies. They’re super insulated to keep your beer colder, longer. Plus, the BottleKeeper has a built-in bottle opener in the lid. And they look nice and inconspicuous, so you can take one to a barbecue and enjoy a few brews while everyone around you thinks, That person sure does stay hydrated. So admirable. I should make healthy choices too.

See! You’re an inspiration!

Okay, maybe not. But still, they’re cool, and they’ll keep your beer or other beverage cool, so get a 2-pack and enjoy a cold one that stays a cold one for longer.

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