MTX Musica Dual Speaker Kit

  • Each set includes two speakers, a rotary volume control, an input plate, and 100 feet of speaker wire: everything you need but the tools
  • Dolby Atmos tuning for that “voice of God” effect
  • Choose in-wall or in-ceiling, and we guess there’s nothing keeping you from making them in-floor
  • Imagine how impressed everyone will be, right?
  • Yes, installation involves some minor construction work. You can handle it
  • Model: ADZ502W, ADZ612C (Hmm… the C is for ceiling, the W is for wall… ADZ stands for “add a zone”, maybe?)
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Speak loudly and carry a big drill.

Here’s a secret about home improvement: it’s not hard to seem impressively handy without knowing how to rewire your plumbing, or flush your furnace, or even know that those two examples are nonsense.

What you do is, find yourself a relatively easy but impressively-handy-seeming project that everyone will notice and that you can talk about forever. Those rope lights we used to sell were a great example. Here’s another one right now.

Speakers built into a wall or ceiling? Whoa. That’s some next-level shit, especially in the eyes of people who don’t know any more than you do. It’s the kind of thing that says “Don’t even bother checking my furnace. It’s properly flushed.”

But with this kit, there’s nothing to it that you can’t handle. You make a couple of holes, run some cable, mount some brackets, patch it up, and paint. Let those 45 watts of Dolby-tuned power do the rest. Suddenly everybody’s like “Whoa where’s that sound coming from?” And you’re all “From the wall or ceiling because I am amazing.”

That rush of unwarranted respect is so addictive, you might be tempted to mount built-in speakers in every room of the house. Just remember, there’s a fine line between “impressively handy” and “mentally ill.”

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