3DR Solo Unboxing & Review


Today I received my 3DR Solo and Solo 3D gimbal. Purchased directly from 3D Robotics on discount for $799.95 plus about $12 shipping (see that thread here). No sales tax in my state.

In this thread I'll be documenting the unboxing, plus my review of Solo, the most advanced drone I've owned to date. I did purchase a DJI Phantom 3 Standard edition, but was unable to fly it because of compatibility issues with the DJI Android app and my phone.

So here we go again...

I always like it when a manufacturer packages the retail box inside a shipping box:

enter image description here

The gimbal in it's retail box was loose inside the shipping box, but the Solo was inside yet another shipping box, then the retail box. Here's what I received:
enter image description here

Inside the retail box is a... I'm not sure what it's made of... fiberfoam or something, but it's sort of a reusable clamshell carrying case for the Solo and transmitter. I wouldn't want to travel with it, but for carting the Solo in the car I think it'll be useful:

enter image description here

Here's what's inside the carrying case:

enter image description here

Solo and transmitter out of the case:

enter image description here

And all the bits in the carrying case:

Solo with battery
Transmitter with battery
3 each rotors (CW and CCW)
Solo battery charger
Transmitter battery charger
3DR and Solo decals and info
Solo Setup Guide

enter image description here

I've got the Solo and transmitter batteries charging right now. Once they're charged I've got to install updates for each one. This is done OTA via the app on whatever mobile device you're going to use with Solo.

Yes, same nonsense as DJI... can't fly it without a mobile device connected. EDIT-I found out you CAN actually fly without any mobile device... once the updates are installed. You won't have access to the advanced features, or FPV, but you CAN in fact takeoff and fly. But in this case, the Solo app is compatible with my phone, so I wasn't looking at another $200 to $300 for a phone upgrade or new tablet. But... if I decide to keep this one, I will definitely consider grabbing a used iPad Air with data. The iPad can be activated under T-Mobile's 200MB/mo free data plan. I'm pretty sure 200MB is plenty to accomplish the job, but additional data can be added on the fly for $10 per 2GB.

Ok, so that's it for now. I'll be updating this thread as things proceed.