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Motif Elements Pour-Over Style Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe

  • This bad boy knows a thing or two about how to brew
  • Like, it knows that pre-infusing the grounds unlocks the best flavor
  • And it knows that coffee tastes best when brewed with water that’s 198-205ºF
  • And it knows how to keep it hot for hours with the 8-Cup Thermal Carafe
  • What it doesn’t know is how to tell non-military time (seriously, you can’t change the clock from 24-hour mode)
  • At least it has a clock unlike the last model we sold a ton of, and a removable water tank to boot!
  • Model: MT01003US; the MT stands for Montana, commonly called the “coffee state”
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24 Hour Coffee Culture

Some cheap stuff just sucks. You get a cheap car, and it breaks down. You go out for a cheap dinner, and it’s gross. You get a cheap coffee maker, and every mug you make just sorta tastes like char.

Then there’s the other kind of cheap stuff. We’re talking stuff that’s good, but certain nonessential corners have been cut. Like, a super reliable car with no power windows and a no-frills interior. Or a delicious simple dinner at a restaurant that doesn’t have much ambiance. Or a really great coffee machine with a dumb clock.

A dumb clock?

Yes, a dumb clock.

Here’s what we’re getting at: this Motif Pour-Over Style Coffee Brewer has a lot in common with Technivorm Moccamaster. It features a “pre-infusion mode,” which basically means the machine wets the grounds for 20 seconds, and then pauses for 30 seconds, to really unlock the flavor. And it gets hot–like actually hot, maintaining an ideal brewing temperature of between 198-205ºF–in just 60 seconds. All this adds up to a delicious cup of coffee.

So why does the Moccamaster go for north of $300, whereas we can offer this Motif for just $59? Probably a lot of the little things: the feel of the buttons, the sleekness of the build material, the name recognition, etc.

Oh, also, that clock. Basically, it tells military time, and you can’t change that. So everything’s all good and normal until the noon hour rolls over to… 13 o’clock. Seriously, that’s a big reason we were able to get such a good deal on these, which is, in turn, why we’re offering it for $71 cheaper than Amazon’s price.

But, c’mon! Who cares about something as silly as that, right? You might even say it’s an endearing quirk in this day and age, when it seems like every goddamn thing has a reliable, adjustable built-in clock.

And if it does annoy you?

Put a piece of tape over it and enjoy some super tasty coffee.

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