Cheer From Over Here Holiday Red Wine Blend (Full or Half Case)

  • A nose of rich fruit
  • A palate of berry, cherry, and black plum
  • A finish of nutmeg and vanilla
  • A price of of a much crummier wine
  • Model: CH33R5-J0HNNY
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Distantly Social

CHEER! FROM OVER HERE! Get it? Because, you know, this holiday season, you probably want to keep a little bit of distance between you and those you’d usually be reveling with.

Thus our friends at Casemates, with the help of Pedroncelli Winery (okay, it was mostly Pedroncelli Winery), put together this delightful red blend, so that you can buy a case, and drop one or two off on a loved one’s doorstep. Then you can both enjoy everything it has to offer–the rich fruit nose; the notes of berry, cherry, and black plum on the palate; the touch of nutmeg and vanilla at the end (the perfect holiday finish)–over Zoom.

And to celebrate the fact that we’re selling it, and that it’ll arrive before Christmas, we present to you:

A Woefully Unfunny Wine Joke

Thus concludes:

A Woefully Unfunny Wine Joke

Wow, that joke was really bad. And this wine, just to be clear, is not a pinot noir. But it is very good. And pretty, cheap if you think about it. So please, buy some and enjoy!

(And if it’s not your style, maybe check out what’s on offer over at Casemates!)

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