Health O Meter Lose It! Bluetooth Glass Body Fat Scale

  • Bluetooth wireless integration with the Lose It! app (iOS only)
  • Logs weight, body fat, hydration, and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Data tracking for up to four user profiles
  • Suitable for up to 400 pounds
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The scale that connects to your phone

Humans are super weird.

You know what should provide all the motivation we need for getting fit? Being fit.

But still, most of us require a heck of a lot more convincing.

Sure, as you continue with weight loss progress your pants will fit better. Your body will feel better. Health will improve. You’ll look better naked. Heck, you’ll look better clothed, too.

And yeah yeah yeah, that’s all well and good, but what we really need are some electronic notifications to scratch that ever-present digital itch. It’s the same principal that kept half your Facebook friends spamming about imaginary farm crops for 10 months straight a while back.

Visible abs are great and all, but are they quite as pretty as a constantly-updated line graph showing your body weight steadily dipping downwards towards your goal? Conversely, are those love handles any more troubling than seeing that line go the wrong way for a few weigh-ins?

This is the 21st century. You aren’t looking to grow a handlebar mustache and lift big cartoonish weights to get fit. You’re not trying to chop wood and heave rocks like the little Italian guy in Rocky IV. You want to generate data and digitize your gains…like the big Russian guy in Rocky IV.

That’s where this scale comes in.

It will integrate beautifully into the Lose It! app on your iPhone, tracking your weight as part of a robust food and fitness program that’s about as foolproof at it gets. (Sorry Android users. You’ll have to do the wood chopping thing until Lose It gets their act together on this.)

You log what you eat. You log all your exercise. You hit your weight loss goals. It’s as easy as that.

But throw this scale in the mix and suddenly you’ve taken it to the next level. It bridges the gap between the great digital program and that physical meat body of yours, accurately transmitting your weight from the scale to the app without you having to do a thing.

This is the modern scale you need, and right now, it’s a heck of good deal.

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