GoWISE 1450W 2.0 Horsepower High-Speed Blenders

  • Two GoWise blenders diverged by some presets/and sorry I could not purchase both…
  • (But you could [but why would you?])
  • Seriously, though, they both have 2.0 peak, 1450-watt motors and 8-blade stainless steel assemblies capable of 25,000rpms
  • The only difference in price is because one has a dial and the other (more expensive one) has buttons, a digital readout, and some presets: salsa, smoothie, juice, and nut butter
  • Model: Not great, really. Oh, wait–were you not asking for our sales model, in terms of admitting that there’s really not much difference between the cheaper and the more expensive blender? Whoops!
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The Ten Dollar Difference

We’re selling two different blenders here today. One is $38. The other is $48. That’s a $10 difference. So what are you paying extra for, you ask? That’s where things get a little weird.

See, both of these blenders have 2.0 peak, 1450-watt motors. They both feature an 8-blade stainless steel assembly capable of 25,000rpms. They’re the same size. They’re the same color. They’re… basically the same. What that aforementioned $10 gets you is a few presets–salsa, smoothie, juice, and nut butter–and a more handsome face. There’s a digital readout of the speed, for example, rather than a dial.

That’s it. That’s the difference.

Now, in a lot of ways, this is the sort of shopping experiment we live for. Seriously, we love this shit. Like, hell, we opened a whole site where we offer 2 t-shirt designs a week at one for $10 or two for $15 to see how many people would say, “For just $5… sure, I guess I’ll take another one.” It’s called Mediocritee and this week we’re offering some super fun Halloween candy themed shirts, so go check it out!

Wait, sorry. Got sidetracked. What were we talking about? Oh, right: the thing about this sale–so, were we to just leave this be, we could learn a lesson about what kind of price tag consumers put on aesthetics and ease. That sort of data is not only interesting; it could help us in the long term. If we discovered, for example, that our average customer just LOVES presets, we could be sure to sell more preset-laden blenders in the future. On the other hand, if everyone were to opt for the cheaper model, we’d know that you all aren’t afraid of an archaic-looking model if it means saving just enough to buy yourself a shmancy cocktail come Friday.

And yet, the sad truth is we kinda need to move some blenders. And it’s better for our bottomline if we move more of the expensive ones. So, forgive us for this brief moment of persuasive language:

When it comes time to buy a blender, it’s not just about you; it’s about your social life! Seriously, do you want to be known as that one friend whose juice isn’t very juicy? Whose nut butter is basically just a pile of semi-pulverized nuts? Do you want to show up at a party with a bowl of salsa that’s either too thin or too chunky, a bowl that you will bring home still entirely full, as your reputation for lesser salsa proceeds you wherever you go? And then, when it comes time to have your friends over to your place, do you want to answer why every “station” sounds like blender noise because people keep confusing your blender for a radio, due to its old-ass-looking dial? Like, seriously, do you live in the seventies? Are you going to tune yourself a smoothie? C’mon, dumbass! Join the rest of us in 2019 with +/- buttons and some super convenient pre-programmed settings!

So, did that work? Are you all going to buy the more expensive one now?

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