Glo Science Lit Teeth Whitening Device Tech Kit with Bluetooth

  • You put the lip stuff on
  • You put the tooth stuff on
  • You put the light thing in your mouth
  • You start it on the app
  • It whitens your teeth using light and warming heat
  • 777 Reviews, 4-stars over at Sephora
  • Favorite recent HBO series: The White(n) Lotus
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A Very Unproductive Q&A

Why does a teeth-whitening device have Bluetooth?

Not totally sure.

How does it whiten teeth?

Using heat and light.

Could you tell us the steps one would take while using it?


Oh, so it has bluetooth because you can control it from an app?

Yeah, apparently.

Why do you control it from an app?

Not totally sure.

Are there sweet badges to unlock?

It’s possible. But probably not.

Would this make a good gift?

Maybe if someone says they want something like this. But surprising someone with a device for whitening teeth might not send a great message.

Does this thing really work as well as it says it does?

It’s possible.

Is this a good deal?

Oh, yeah. It’s way more expensive elsewhere.

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