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Electrolux Ergorapido Cordless 2-in-1 Vacuum, 7.2V or 14.4V

  • 2-in-1 means they can be little vacuums or… an even littler vacuums.
  • How about: 2-in-1 means they can be handheld vacs, or upright vacs… that you hold with your hand.
  • Look, these are very good basic stick vacs for simple stuff.
  • One model has 7.2v.
  • The other has 14.4v.
  • The v stands for vacuutrons, the unit of measurement for vacuums.
  • Both are refurbished.
  • Model: EL1018A, EL2081A. Interesting. Since one has twice the volts of the other, shouldn’t it be EL2036A? We’ll get in touch with Electrolux and try to get this fixed.
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Featuring Features!

We went over this last time, but here’s the gist: If you’re dealing with a 3,000 square foot carpeted household with three mud-tracking kids, 4 long-haired cats, and 6 golden retrievers, you should probably get a Shark Vac or a Roomba or something like that. If you’ve got a little apartment with hard wood floors and a rug or two, and you’re looking for something to do a little touch-up before your friends come over, these refurbished Electrolux Ergorapidos are perfect.

In other words: they’re simple little stick vacs. And nowhere is this made more evident than in reading their product copy. Just look at the features listed on the Amazon page for the 7.2 volt model:

  • 2-in-1 vacuum with removable handheld
  • 180° EasySteer swivel
  • Versatile tools – in charging stand
  • Motorized power brush
  • Cordless

Um, seriously? I mean, Electrolux is an old brand, but they should still know that, in order to sell a vacuum in 2019, you need at least three features that sound really innovative but mean almost nothing. And I’m here to help. Check these out:

  • IntuiTop Technology: Combining the latest in consumer psychology and modern design, Electrolux engineers have built a vacuum that leaves no question which part is the top and which part is the bottom!

  • Featuring a Hear-iGo Agengine: When the Ergorapido is a-go, you’ll know, thanks to its motor’s clear and firm output of white noise as it cleans your floor!

  • EZ No-Software Charging: The Electrolux charging stand effortlessly pairs with compatible outlets! No third party software required! Simply apply the charging stand’s cord to the outlet you’d like to use, and then attach your vacuum. The Electrolux will be fully charged in as little time as it take the Electrolux to be fully charged!

So, if anyone from Electrolux’s marketing department is reading this, get with the times! And also, feel free to use these features with your next product. Even if it’s not a new model of the Ergorapido, they’ll probably still work!

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