Dopp Brand Canvas Backpacks

  • Do you know how backpacks often have pockets and zippers? Well, this isn’t your typical backpack!
  • Wait, whoops; we were doing our research on the wrong Amazon page. This is actually your typical backpack.
  • Semi-rugged looking canvas, bunch of pockets, a padded laptop compartment. You get it.
  • Model: D0NT-D0PP-M3-N0W.
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Roughin' It

Sure these bags already have tons of rugged style already. And maybe that’s enough for you. But if you’re rugged folks like us, you’re going to want more. So, here are a few tips to increase these Dopp bags’ ruggedness by at least 65%:

  • Don’t bring the bag into the cabin of your truck; make sure it always rides in the bed, where it will slide around and bump into other rugged stuff, acquiring small rugged tears and scuffs in the rugged canvas.

  • Likewise, never bring the bag inside. Always leave it at the door, so it can ruggedly absorb rain, snow, wind, and dust. Bonus rugged points if you bury it in the back yard each night and dig it up each morning.

  • Whenever you see a set of stairs, take the Dopp off and throw it down the stairs. Because rugged things don’t get piggyback rides.

  • See all those zippers? They’re not rugged at all! They’re luxury! The only rugged way to open a bag is by cutting it with a machete. And the only rugged way to close a bag is to pour Everclear on the opening and then stitch it up using whatever suture-like object is within arm’s reach. Bonus points if you whisper, “Quite your whinin’, cry-baby,” while you do it.

  • See that compartment? They say it’s padded for your laptop. We say, it’s padded for all your rugged bricks and broken cinderblocks. And also your slightly blackened loaf of artisanal sour dough. Wait, shit. That’s rustic, not rugged. Throw the loaf out. You eat bricks for breakfast now, our rugged friend!

There you have it! 5 tips for the ultimate rugged backpack experience! Now if you don’t mind, it’s Sunday, and we’ve got a date to fight a ten foot tall cactus, winner take all, double or nothing, no holds barred, go big or go home!

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