DJI Spark Drone

  • A heckuva fancy video drone at a heckuva lower price than can be found elsewhere
  • We recommend this video review from The Verge will explains everything in far greater detail than we will
  • You don’t have to use a remote or even pair it with a mobile app, but can order it around with the wave of a hand (seriously)
  • If using the mobile app, you can set a target for it to focus on with unnerving accuracy
  • It’s super small, which means it’s portable and light, but has shorter battery life and has to fight harder against the wind
  • Model: CP.PT.000731 (Shh! You’re witnessing an example of the rare, unsightly, search-result-breaking model number with periods instead of hyphens. They’re endangered due to human pressures (because humans prefer things that don’t suck) so you likely won’t see one again soon)
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Who Do We Think You Are?

We would say you should care about this drone deal because of the price, which is a good bit lower than anywhere else online. But having lower prices than anybody is sort of our whole thing and we can’t exactly talk about it every day in this space. It’s also a great drone but you’d only know that if you’re fairly familiar with dronery.

So it all depends on how you got here. If you came from /r/drones, /r/DJI, or another drone community, the price will probably appeal to you more than anything, since you’re well aware that this drone existed. Hopefully you’ll also enjoy that we’re talking about this product like human beings rather than insisting that it’s the MOST EPIC DRONE OF ALL TIME, but who knows .

If you came from Slickdeals or another deals community, you might notice that this price is lower than the DJI Spark has ever been offered. But the deal might also appeal to you because it doesn’t require a coupon or rebate, or come bundled with a bunch of accessories you don’t need. You’re probably too busy sifting through a thousand other deals to have even read this far, but we welcome you all the same.

If you’re a regular Meher, you’ve likely never heard of this particular drone or even this brand at all, in which case you’ll need to do some research and comparison shopping to determine if you can justify adding a $400 drone to your life. Or you’ll just hit the Meh button to keep your streak going and immediately close this tab. Don’t think we don’t know.

The point is: It’s impossible for us to tell you why you should or shouldn’t buy this because we have no idea who you are. Feel free to share your A/S/L/DK(Drone Knowledge)/AFE(appetite for emoticons) in the comments and we’ll try to give you a personalized sales pitch.

Maybe we should use “big data” and “machine learning” and “other bullshit” to personalize this writeup based on what we know about you. Or maybe … we already have.

What we’re saying is that you should buy this drone because it’s the only way you could win back the heart of |QRY:USER_FORMER_LOVER|.

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