Anova Handheld Vacuum Sealer Plus Bonus Bags

  • A vacuum sealer that fits in the palm of your hand
  • Super high performance in a delightfully compact package
  • Did we mention it’s very, very small?
  • Bonus bags included
  • Does it make margaritas? No, but you could use it to make giant, boozy Capri Suns.
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Okay so obviously a vacuum sealer is a good idea.

You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re starting a countdown to food waste every time you open a package.

Somebody sucks the air out of food before it gets to you. You let it back in again. So it makes sense that you should be able to suck it back out. (Or to be able to seal up your fresh chicken or whatever after you buy it.)

We’re not talking about some putting-the-genie-back-in-the-bottle shit. There’s technology for this. There’s been technology for this for so long that the old ads are probably about how husbands need to rest their complicated man brains and you better not make him worry about whether the tuna steaks are rotting in the fridge. (We don’t have time to confirm that. There’s a small team of complicated man brains here right now, but they’re busy trying to make it look like a sock puppet is humping a Bluetooth speaker.)

Anyway, this kind of thing has been around for a while. But to be totally fair, most vacuum sealers are big and clunky. It’s like putting a fax machine on your kitchen counter every time you want to sous vide a steak or keep that marinated chicken plausible for the weekend.

Not today’s deal, though. Today’s deal is compact and delightfully square. Instead of needing a fax machine sized spot in your cabinet to store it, you’ll just need maybe a coffee cup sized spot. Brilliant.

That compact size also makes it super nice to use, letting you take care of business on an empty corner of the kitchen counter, no problem.

It’s almost sexy in it’s efficiency. (Actually, we should try and get a shot of a sock pupp—never mind.)

Just get yourself a vacuum sealer that fits in the palm of your hand. You’re going to love this thing. Includes bags!

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