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Altigo Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

  • Here’s the deal: they look cool, they feel soft, they are cheap
  • Moreover, they might give you a peaceful moment if you’re home with the whole family
  • 30 hours of uninterrupted listening, plus you can plug it in for 5 minutes to get 1.5 more hours
  • According to this review they were an “excellent buy” even at about $70
  • Model: 4LT160-0N-W1TH0UT-M3
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Take A Break

Oh, hey pal! Funny running into you here, in the living room of our shared apartment. Just wanted to say, all this time we’ve been spending together has really cemented my opinion that we made the right decision rooming together. Seriously, could you imagine living in a tiny apartment like this with someone super annoying right now? It would be TERRIBLE!

So, just a quick rundown of what I’ve got going on today.

First off, me and my college friends Gari and Lismantha and Karline are going to get together on Zoom for a little improv-apella. Basically, it’s exactly how it sounds: a super-fun mashup of improv and acapella. We spend the first twenty to sixty-five minutes just shouting out funny names for fake bands, and then we take some time to craft a history of that band, their style, their fanbase, that sort of thing. Finally, we improvise an acapella cover of their hit song. Hopefully Zoom isn’t laggy so we can get the timing right.

Oh, also, there’s a weird echo thing in my room when I close my door, so I’ll have to leave it open.

After that, a few of us from the theater company are going to get on Netflix Party and stream 1993’s Much Ado About Nothing. You know, the one with Keanu Reeves. It runs about two hours, but will probably go longer than that if anyone calls for a “sonnet-off.” And with Geoffree involved, you know there are going to be a bunch of sonnet-offs! He just loves to read one of the Bard’s famous poems in the voice of this hilarious character he made up, New Jersey Jake! Seriously, it’s so funny!

Once that’s a wrap, I gotta hop on another call for virtual band practice. Which reminds me: I finally found my trombone, would you believe it? Weirdly, it was buried in the back of your closet. No idea how it got there. But who knows! Maybe it was something I did when I was totally blitzed off the second Mike’s Hard I had during the virtual Aladdin sing-along last Tuesday.

Oh, and with band practice: same echo thing, so the door will be open again.

Anyway, if you want to join in on anything just let me kno–

Oh, you’re going to put on your Altigo Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones and listen to Reply-All for ten straight hours? Again? Okay, cool! Well, have fun!

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