7-Piece Somacare Reusable Heat Pack Combo

  • 7 heat packs for soothing sore muscles after an intense workout
  • (Or too much desk time)
  • Easy to activate
  • Reset when you’re done so they’re ready for the next ache
  • Model: 1657040, 1657039 (2 model numbers for 7 pieces you say? Something fishy going on here)
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The Heat Is On

“Hey dude, could I borrow a Somacare Reusable Heat Pack?”

“Sure, Carl. Feeling sore?”

“Oh, totally… from uh… all that exercise I’ve been doing.”


“Yeah, totally, I did a… pyathalon.”

“A ‘pyathalon’?”

“It’s basically a triathlon but with, like, more pythons.”

“What? Really?”

“Yeah, totally. The running involves going through a python pit. That’s where you get your python.”


“And then the water part isn’t swimming. It’s kayaking. Only, you don’t have a paddle.”

“No paddle?”

“No, you need to find a way to get your python to try consuming a stingray, tail first.”

“A python attached to a stingray? That’s your paddle?”

“Yeah. Snake’s the long handle part. Ray’s the flat water pusher part.”


“Anyway, when you get to the other side you have to make the python spit it out. Because, then it’s bike time. And for that you have to rig the python as a chain. Which means, it has to eat its own tail. And uhh…”

“Look, Carl. You can just use my Somacare Heat Pack, man. I know it looks like something an athlete would use after a tough workout. But it’s also fine if you just want some heat therapy to relax.”



“Thanks, man.”

“No problem. So, why are you feeling sore?”

“Shoveling snow.”


“Okay, fine. I was reading about snow shovel hacks while watching TV. Then a loud commercial came on so I reached for the remote to mute it… and tweaked something in my back.”

“Sounds about right.”

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