7-Pack: Comfort Republic Bamboo Viscose Briefs

  • Great underwear, tested and approved by a wide cross-section of the meh community.
  • A pair for every day of the week (but no margin for error).
  • Smooth waistband, ergonomically comfortable, nicely stretchy, all-around pleasing.
  • The briefs have a fly, the trunks do not
  • Sizing chart here - most recommend ordering a size or two up
  • Can they make a margarita? They can make an appearance after too many margaritas.
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The People Have Spoken

[middle school loudspeaker voice]

Attention. May I have your attention please?

Would the following meh.com commenters please come to the front of the room? Looking for harborvu, Boiler3k, and, let’s see…pmcgrane

We need to talk about your underwear.

Because while we always appreciate the trial-by-comment-section endured by every single product that we offer, it’s especially nice when thoughtful commenters are willing to share the nuances of their experience after girding their junk with deeply discounted daily deal underwear.

I bought these last time with low expectations…

Kind of a bleak start to an underwear-buying journey, but maybe harborvu has been burned in the past. Let’s read on.

What seems like a lot of hyperbole on their website turns out to be true - these are REALLY comfortable.

Well, there you go. That hyperbolic website is from the manufacturer, by the way, not us. We are the least hyperbolic website in the history of the universe and also have the sexiest calves of anyone ever.

Anyway, we don’t need to pick through every positive comment these things have ever received, but let’s find at least a few more.

*…so I can wear all seven at once and rip them off layer by layer like mud-splattered horse jockey goggles…”


…where an amateur can get an extra day by turning them inside out, you can actually double that by also wearing them backwards on the third day, with the fly…

Goodness no.

These are the wackiest underpants I’ve ever seen in my life!

Hey, that one’s okay. Thanks for not being a weirdo, pmcgrane.

Let’s see…maybe one more.

Too soon to comment on durability but very comfy for me…

Very cool, Boiler3k. But tell us this. It’s now been like six weeks. How’s it hanging?

Regardless of how Boiler reports back about the status of his junk hammocks, we’re thinking this is a pretty strong deal for a new pair of underwear for every day of the week.

Let’s get you outfitted for a full week of underwearing. Underwear-ing. Underwear-wearing? Skivvies.

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