Not sure if I qualify for the worst father ever or the best. Probably somewhere in the middle

When my daughter was a baby we told her that cottage cheese was ice cream and she gobbled it up. Loved it. This worked for two years. She was clueless… her mom and I high-fived a lot.


A Sunday dinner at my folks house and as dinner was wrapping up my dad left the room with kiddo. After a few minutes I got up and went into the kitchen and there was my daughter, sitting on the counter with a spoon deep into a tub of Eddy’s vanilla ice cream. And my father with a grin on his face. The jig was up. Everything was ruined. Ice cream had been redefined. Thanks, dad.

Yesterday my wife sent me an article about the new trend of cottage cheese being used for ice cream. We were so far ahead of our time We could have been dozenaires!