7-Pack: Comfort Republic Bamboo Viscose Briefs

  • They’re boxer briefs that run a little small
  • Probably buy a couple sizes up
  • We’re serious: you should buy two sizes up (here’s the sizing chart)
  • You will receive a random assortment of colors
  • Do they come in Georgia Red: Maybe, but also buy two sizes up
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Two Sizes Up

Last time we sold these, @gregormehndel offered this piece of advice:

These are great underwear, But definitely heed everyone’s advice who says go two sizes larger. I am normally either L or XL, depending on shrinkage factor, so I went with XL. Those were too tight. Next time around, I ordered them in XXL. Perfect! Comfortable. Holding up well, and I wash them in cold followed by 12 minutes in the dryer so they’re damp and then I hang them. Just do it!

@ShoutyMime, meanwhile, had this to say:

I got these last time they were here. I didn’t read the comments and ordered them only one size up from my usual and they are indeed a bit snug (but they still manage to be comfortable). I’d definitely go 2 sizes up if I ordered again. The material is excellent.

@Jvb gave some additional insight:

These are great…comfortable, breathable and don’t ride up. So far no issues running em through the washer and dryer either. Definitely order at least 2 sizes larger tho!

@4wootens brought some further information that you might find helpful:

I bought these for my husband the first time around and they look fantastic on him! He says they are very comfortable so I ordered them for him again the next time and also ordered some for my son. Definitely order 2 sizes up! I have washed and dried them in the machine every time with no issues! Highly recommend!

@emilieclark had something to add as well:

Bought these for my husband the first round. He loves them so I bought them the 2nd time too. I think 18 pairs is enough, though I’m thinking about getting 7 more! He’s usually a medium, but I went with a large, just to be safe and I’m glad I did. The waist of a medium might have been ok, but the thigh would have been a little tight.

In conclusion, everyone loves these, but be sure to buy ~the exact size you always wear~ A SIZE OR TWO UP.

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