5-Pack TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Tracking Devices With EXTRA Batteries

  • Hook 'em to your keys and now they can ring!
  • Remember when we sold these and some of them came with dead batteries?
  • Well, now we’re selling them with extra batteries!
  • (To replace the dead ones that you may or may not receive)
  • Exact packaging may vary by bundle
  • Model: L45T-TR4CK10N-H3R0
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It Tracks

Okay, so here’s the full story behind today’s sale:

As you might know, we’ve sold these TrackR tokens before. A bunch of times. And they were pretty cool. You put one on your key ring and viola, you could make your keys beep via an app on your phone whenever they went missing.

Then, we started hearing that the batteries in the ones we were selling were either dying or dead. So, we bought some new batteries to include the next time we sold them.

Only problem was, while the batteries were in transit, someone misplaced the TrackR tokens. And we couldn’t call them because a) we hadn’t registered them, and b) they were out of batteries.

So, we hired a team of junior sleuths to find the TrackR tokens. They called us after about a week on the job and told us that, in looking for our lost TrackRs, they’d uncovered a vast conspiracy. We said we didn’t care about that, where are the tokens? And they said–

Well, something. But just as they did, the line cut out. And nobody’s heard from them since.

At that point, we got a psychic involved. The first few we hired really laid it on thick. Called themselves the ‘great’ this or the ‘extraordinary’ that. Then proceeded to talk at us in riddles we couldn’t understand.

Anyway, we got real tired of it all, so we asked around and found a guy who everyone agreed was the most down-to-earth psychic around. Just a dude with some psychic powers, everyone said. Doesn’t put on a big show. So we called him up and set up a meeting.

Only problem was, come the day of the meeting, we realized he hadn’t given us a place. That’s the thing about a down-to-earth psychic; he’s bound to forget what a big deal his gifts are and assume everyone can read minds. So we went looking for his number, only to find that someone threw away the post-it we’d written it down on.

We began calling all our contacts in the psychic community all over again, when it hit us: if he was such a great psychic, wouldn’t he know that we were looking for his number to call him so we could get the meet-up location?

This started a bit of a fight. Some said he was clearly a hack. Others thought he might be our only hope. Voices were raised. Names were called. Eventually a few shoves gave way to a full blown fracas, during which someone knocked over a box on one of the shelves in the room we were all meeting in. It fell down and what spilled out?

TrackR tokens.

So now we’re selling TrackR tokens. With extra batteries.

As for the junior sleuths, we wish them all the best wherever they are!

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