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40-Pack: Samyang Buldak Curry Spicy Chicken Ramen (4.89 oz)

  • Super spicy ramen at a hot price
  • Best by 3/24/24
  • Seriously, though, spicy as all shit
  • Can it make a margarita: No, and please do not pair this with a jalapeño margarita
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Hot Noods

Here’s what’s up: we’ve sold this stuff a lot because people seem to like it a lot. It’s super spicy. Like, really fucking spicy. But, apparently, it has great flavor.

Plus, it usually costs a lot more money than this for a 40 of these things. Why? Because they’re getting close-ish to their best-by date in March. But, look, we’re not dealing with milk here. We’re talking dry ramen noodles you add hot water and some super spicy oil to. You can almost certainly blow right past that best-by date without much concern.

Really, the issue will be portioning the 40 of them out. You’re probably going to finish a delish bowl of Spicy Curry Chicken Flavor Ramen and think: Hot dang, that was good. I could go for another. Only, that wouldn’t be very good for you. There’s too much spice to house bowl after bowl of this stuff. Which is to say nothing about the sodium content.

No, if you have a bowl of this delicious ramen, and your noodle appetite is not sated, we say: don’t go to the pantry. Instead, head into the living room, turn on the TV, and watch a delightful noodle show. You know, something like:

  • Everyone Loves Ramen
  • Breaking Pad (Thai)
  • I Dream of Fettu-genie
  • GLOW-mein
  • My Soba Called Life
  • The Secret World of Alex Mack-aroni
  • Murder She Rotelle
  • Doctor Wh-udon
  • Touched By An Angel Hair
  • The Bachelorecchiette

You know, usually, we apologize for our puns, but honestly, these are really good.

And you know what else is really good? This ramen. So get a bunch. Just remember, it’s spicy as fuck.

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