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4-Pack: Cabana Stripe 30" x 60" Beach Towels

  • Beaches have moisture and sand.
  • Beach towels can be used to wipe away moisture and protect you from sand.
  • Pretty, pretty, pretty good, eh?
  • Model: CABBEA4PKBL, CABBEA4PKPK. Hmm, probably the BL stands for “Bit lighter,” which would mean the pink, and “PK” would probably stand “Pretty kewl” which is the hipster way of saying “cool,” and hipsters often wear black jeans. Case closed!
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A Good Backup

First of all, the fact that these are boldly striped makes them a great choice for an off-color reenactment of one of the most iconic beach scenes of all time.

But just because they’re called ‘beach towels’ doesn’t mean you can only lay them out on sandy stretches of coast. You can take them to beach at the local lake. Or the pool. Or the section of slow moving river where the youths convene. And then there’s your backyard. Is that a beach? Maybe if you want to get technical, it’s not. But as a famed cerveza has made clear through decades of insufferable advertising, beaches are really a state of mind.

In fact, if you’re like us, you don’t actually use your beach towels more than 3 or 4 times a year for sun bathing or drying off after few laps. But they do come in handy when you frequent that other beach.

You know, Oh Shit I’m Just Out Of The Shower And I Have No Clean Bath Towels Beach!

Many of you have probably been there, but for those who may be unfamiliar, we’ll describe it. Boasting warm water year round, and nary a gust of wind, this clothing-optional paradise would seem like the perfect place to kick back and relax!

That is, until you emerge from the water onto its frigid ceramic sand and suddenly it’s as if all the blood in your body has turned to a icy red slush and you need something to dry off quickly so you can scamper up the dunes (out the door) before freezing to death. Only, your usual towel is in the washing machine, or the dryer, or the hamper, and so you’ve gotta make due with whatever’s clean. Which just might happen to be a cheery summery beach towel, even if it is 6am on a February morning.

And maybe it won’t be as ideal as a bath towel, but it’ll get the job done. Because that’s the thing about beach towels: at the end of the day, they’re just more towels.

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